When you take a sip, you make a choice. Make a healthier choice!
Swiss Premium™ is simply better from start to finish. No artificial preservatives, flavors or sweeteners of your average soda. Find out what we’re made of.
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High Fructose Corn Syrup vs. Real Sugar

Pure sweetness makes Swiss Premium™ the best choice for your family. All the sweetness is from real cane sugar, none of that high fructose corn syrup.

Preservatives vs. No Preservatives

Swiss Premium™ is cold shipped directly to your local store. It never sits in a case, warm on a shelf. With no artificial preservatives, Swiss Premium™ has delicious, fresh brewed taste from first sip to last drop. 

Artificial Flavors Vs. No Artificial Flavors

Your favorite flavors like crisp lemon and sweet peaches aren’t artificial so our tea isn’t either. Swiss Premium™ has no artificial flavors, just your real, favorite flavors in every delicious sip. 

No Antioxidants vs. Antioxidants

Unlike your average soda, Swiss Premium™ is packed with naturally occurring antioxidants. These compounds are crucial to fighting free radicals in the body and can benefit everything from brain to heart health.